Change Leaders Inspiring Me

20. October 2018

The Day

"Systems and System Thinking"
20 October 2018
2 - 8 pm

About C.L.I.ME

What is it?

Artists, Chefs, Scientists, Inventors, Musicians, Writers, Activists, Speakers, Students, Housewives, Senior Citizens all coming together to celebrate the chance to share and be introduced to new knowledge to expand their horizons. This is the aim of “C.L.I.ME”. 

It's a platform where people can learn, meet, and discuss with inspirational people trying to make a change in our world. A gathering filled with positive and innovative ways to improve your life and the lives of others.  The only requirement to participate is that you come with a curious and open mind.


Speakers & Artists...

Proud to bring inspirational people together

The Program

Climate and Agricultural Reality

Eva Keretic

The Body and Mind System

Andrea Tap

Steps for Children

Dr. Michael Hoppe

Happiness & Sustainability

Caroline Kanjookaran

Many Children One World

Frank Rosenzweig

Fungi and Tree Eco Systems

Marco Locci

                   Break / Food / Music Reza Massoud Godemann

Being Your True Self - Native American Insights

Axel Neo Palzer

The Future of Algaes

Kai Pohlmann

 CLIME Songs and Videos Live - Food

C.L.I.ME Discussion Dinner





Break / Food / Intro



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